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The Bangladesh Pharmaceutical industry-the emerging Asian hub for generic medicines

One of the most technological advanced industry in Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical industry has transformed itself from an import dependent industry in the 1980s to a self-sufficient one serving the global market. The capacity and expertise of the industry was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic where the industry quickly adapted to the unprecedented challenges and has been fulfilling not only the national demand for COVID related medicines but also the global market. As a beneficiary of TRIPS patent waiver, the Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry is all set to becoming a hub for generic medicines.


Building from strength to strength, the pharmaceutical industry has grown from about $25 million in 1982 to about $3 billion as of June 2020. Driven by the increasing purchasing power of the domestic population, the domestic pharmaceutical market is forecasted to exceed USD 6 billion by 2025

At present the industry is serving 97 percent of the domestic market and exporting to more than 100 countries around the world. The Bangladeshi drug market is dominated by production of branded generic drugs, which account for almost 80% of the drugs produced locally, while patented drugs make up the remaining. Currently, there are 271 Allopathic, 205 Ayurvedic, 271 Unani, 32 Herbal and 79 Homeopathic drug producing companies in the country.

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USD 3 Billion + domestic market

Forecasted to surpass USD 6 billion by 2025

Exporting to 100 plus nations

16.7 %
Pharmaceutical industry growth rate (2014-2020)
USD 169   million
Export in FY 20-21
Year on year export growth
Export growth rate (2015-2021)
1.8 %
Contribution to GDP
10 to 15%%
Lower production cost than India and China

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