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BIDA’s One Stop Service now has 21 services

Aug 21, 2020

BIDA’s One Stop Service now has 21 services


New services on BIDA OSS

  1. Security Clearance
  2. Land Use Clearance
  3. National ID verification

BIDA has added three new services to its online One Stop Service portal. As many as 21 services of seven authorities were now available on the OSS, which is Bangladesh’s first inter-operable platform.

HPM’s Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman Fazlur Rahman officially inaugurated the new services during our virtual ceremony on Aug 12. The new services are: Security Clearance from Security Services Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, Land Use Clearance from Chattogram Development Authority (CDA) and National ID verification from Election Commission Secretariat. “Online services help us achieve greater transparency and speedier service delivery. BIDA is working to ensure contact-less and efficient public services for investors, especially because it is very urgent for investors in the context of COVID-19,” said BIDA Executive Chairman Md. Sirazul Islam.   

MoUs signed to integrate services of 8 authorities

Several more data-sharing and e-payment enabled services are in the process of being integrated with the OSS. On Aug 23, BIDA signed MoUs with the Ministry of Land, Department of Environment, RAJUK (Capital Development Authority) and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) during a ceremony held at its Agargaon office. 


New services being added to BIDA OSS

  1. E-mutation
  2. E-khatiyan (record of rights)
  3. Mutation Khatiyan
  4. Land Use Clearance
  5. Plan approval
  6. Special project permit for large or specialised projects
  7. Occupancy certificate
  8. Site clearance
  9. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval
  10. Environmental clearance certificate
  11. Environmental clearance certificate (Renewal)
  12. New electricity connection (DPDC)
  13. New electricity connection (NESC)
  14. New electricity connection (BREB)
  15. New electricity connection (WZPDCL)











Three services of Ministry of Land -- E-mutation, E-khatiyan (record of rights), Mutation Khatiyan – will be integrated with the OSS. The services by RAJUK are -- Land Use Clearance, Plan approval, Special project permit for large or specialised projects and occupancy certificate.

The Department of Environment’s Site clearance, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval, Environmental clearance certificate and certificate renewal services will be available online. The DCCI will provide Certificate of Origin and Membership Certificates through BIDA’s OSS.

In another ceremony held on Aug 8, BIDA signed MoUs with Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB), Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC), Northern Electricity Supply Company (NESCO) and West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDCL). These agencies will provide new electricity connections against online applications on BIDA’s OSS – leading to four more services. BIDA’s new OSS partners were urged to take speedy measures for service integration by BIDA chief Md. Sirazul Islam. “We must work together to implementing these initiatives as quickly as possible.”

A workshop was held with all four power supply companies on Sept 14, during which service integration was initiated.  BIDA is working to add a total 154 services of 35 agencies with technical assistance from IFC Bangladesh.