Agri-business Sector

Agri-business Sector 2018-01-20T11:16:04+00:00

Agri-business Sector


Investment Areas

  • Agri-input sectors like seed, fertilizer, Pesticide, irrigation & Farm Machinery
  • Post-Harvest infrastructure
  • Food processing like eligible oil, rice, sugarcane, potato, fruits & vegetables & spices

Special Incentives          

  • 100% foreign equity is allowed (Except for defense, nuclear energy, currency and forest plantations)
  • Tax incentives for 5-7 years based on location and industry dependent
  • Cash Incentives: electricity consumption special rebate of 20% to agro-processing sector
  • Tariff-free access to European union
  • Cash incentives and export subsidies for selected export products ranging from 5% to 20%
  • Loan disbursement target in agriculture is USD 2 Billion
  • Entrepreneurs Equipment Fund is allowed agro-sector
  • More than 47.5% of population dependent on agriculture for livelihood
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