Reasons to investment in Bangladesh

2nd largest RMG producers and leading to become 1st within 2019
57% of the population is under the age of 25
Privileged market access to EU, Japan, China India with duty free quota free access of around 3 billion people in the region and 160 millions in the country.
Becoming major player in pharmaceutical sector with 20% growth and exporting to 100 countries and exemption of patent requirements till 2032
An API (Active pharmaceutical industry) industry is underway
66 among 100 private and public economic zones are underway comprising 77000 acres of fully serviced land
Unbroken 6% economic growth for a decade
Most competitive cost base for production in South Asia
Almost all sectors are open for investment
No capping on amount or percentage of investment
Repatriation of profit or equity is most hassle free
World class One stop service is going to be in place
Investment related services are mostly online
Fast integrating in the global value chain

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