ICT Sector



ICT Sector in Bangladesh brochure

  • Over 800 IT companies are now thriving in the country and capturing a significant share in the international markets worldwide.
  • Total estimated IT Industry Size is US$ 120 Million (including export)
  • Software contributes around 44% to the overall industry revenue, whereas ITES contributes around 56% to the overall industry revenue.
  • Approx 30000 professionals, majority IT and other graduates, are employed in the industry. In terms of creating high-quality employment software and IT service industry is surely one of the top graduate employment sectors in the country.
  • Total investment in this sector is more than 50000 crore and this sector is the largest contributor to FDI in Bangladesh.
  • Online outsourcing, data entry and call center business are flourishing.
  • In the next 5 years, 1% of the country’s total GDP will come from the software and IT services sector.


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